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They were beautiful together: all savage sensuality and gorgeous symmetry and luxurious pain, two perfect bodies simultaneously in harmony and at odds. There was no difference between a caress and a clawing, or a kiss and a bite. Love was painful, pain was loving, and each mark and fresh wound made it that much more romantic. They were stunning together, spectacular, and above all, hot as hell.

Crowley watched his King and Queen with equal parts lust, admiration, and envy, lips parted as he took deep, slow breaths. He couldn’t afford to get too aroused: the ropes around his wrists and ankles had already given him burns, and if he surrendered to his lust he knew he’d struggle. That wasn’t allowed right now.

It was going to be a long night.

By the time they’d finished and Vergil caught his breath, as Sylvanas settled down against the pillows with one shapely arm draped over her husband’s chest, Crowley was biting his lip hard enough to draw blood. He’d been told not to speak and realized, when the couple began quietly murmuring in Sylvanas’ native language, he wouldn’t be spoken to either.

It was astonishing that he held his tongue as long as he did.

When Sylvanas’ eyes were closed, when Vergil began gently stroking her hair and combing his fingers through it, looking near sleep himself, Crowley finally dared speak up.

“Sir?” he ventured meekly.

“Quietly, pet.” Vergil’s reply was instantaneous and stern, but he shifted positions and propped himself up on one elbow, petting Crowley’s hair away from his eyes. He chuckled when Crowley exhaled in a hiss. “You stayed still. I suppose you want a reward for that.”

“I need one.” Crowley was not above whining, not at all. Begging either, because as far as he was concerned it was a need. “And I did exactly what you said. I didn’t talk, I didn’t move, and I didn’t get off. Please?”

“Very well.” With a sigh, Vergil stood and crossed to the end of the bed. Crowley knew the sound of the cork popping out of the lubricant bottle and he let out a deep, slow breath. “It’s true,” Vergil said casually as he wrapped slick fingers around Crowley’s cock. “You were extraordinarily patient this evening, for such a needy thing.”

“Nn?” was all Crowley could manage in response. His hips rocked in a slow, slight rhythm, a validation of Vergil’s observation. Those long, warm fingers worked over him and he hissed in pleasure, shutting his eyes tight. Fuck that felt good. All the lust from watching the spectacular fuck earlier rose to the surface and his cock hardened, his muscles tensing too. “Oh, pleasssse…”

The king smiled in amusement, rubbing his thumb along the underside of Crowley’s cock. “You may finish, pet.” He smirked at the other demon’s breathy rush of thanks and his bitten lip as he came, the flush on his face and his panting afterward. Vergil didn’t show him mercy in that moment, swooping in to kiss him hard.

Crowley moaned against his lips and Vergil took that opportunity to release his cock and pull back, pressing a finger against Crowley’s mouth. “No one likes a mess, pet. Lick it up.”

As he obeyed there was a sleepy chuckle from the head of the bed. “You were right, riom. He is learning, just very slowly.”

“You woke her up, pet,” Vergil warned, looping his fingers into Crowley’s mouth. “I was going to let you leave, but now…” He let go abruptly and undid the ropes, setting his servant free. “Put your pants on, then come right back here.”

It was almost adorable, the way Crowley slunk off and dressed; so much resentment and longing in such a brief gesture. “Did you want to go back to your own suite that badly?” Vergil asked, amused.

“I wanted to sleep,” Crowley grumbled. “You’re making that very hard for me.”

“Poor thing,” the Queen smiled. “What a pity that you spoke out of turn earlier.”

“Wh-what?” Crowley stared, his shoulders slumping. He had been so careful not to break any rules. “I just needed to get loose, my lady!”

“And if you stayed silent you could have slept in our bed. Now…” She waved him off with a gesture. “Take the bed in the side room. Don’t disturb Lirath.”

“I have to share a bed with the cat?”

“Of course not, snake.” Vergil sat on the bed again and regarded Crowley with amusement. “You’re right, it’s undignified. Why don’t you sleep on the floor?”


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